About ZutaCore


Heat dissipation in dynamic, high performance computing applications is a rapidly increasing struggle. Soon, existing cooling technologies will reach their cooling capacity limits, dramatically curtailing the proliferation of autonomous edge and central data centers. With high performance applications placing higher demands on servers, mainframes, and mainstream data centers, the question of cooling is critical. For decades liquid cooling has been a trusted strategy for cooling electronics. With the introduction of CMOS chips, air and immersion cooling were adopted, despite complexity and costs. As the IT industry evolved, the number of servers exploded and chips continued to expand in power. Now, data center operators are faced with a new and serious challenge. With air systems reaching their potential, and water cooling running the risk of IT meltdown, industries relying on data centers are looking for the next innovation in cooling.


The ZutaCore HyperCool²™ technology is revolutionizing the market, alleviating cooling boundaries with its direct-on-chip, single, closed-loop, two-phase, liquid cooling solution that yields unparalleled heat dissipation at the chip level. It uniquely combines benefits including on-demand cooling, increasing computing densities, decreasing the footprint and cutting costs. The HyperCool² system is a near “plug-and-play” technology deployable in new and retrofitted data centers. HyperCool² guarantees superior performance at any location. By removing the dependency on water and air, it eliminates the need for facility customization, speeding up the entire implementation cycle. ZutaCore and its partners empower data center owners and operators to scale solutions that otherwise are constrained by the heat barrier, thereby safeguarding their businesses for future growth.


Simplicity is the essence of HyperCool² across the supply chain, from design and engineering, through manufacturing to system integration, commissioning and maintenance. The system has undergone rigorous internal and external testing by partners, most recently validated by NTS labs. With established contract manufacturers, including RAVAL, high quality components and global availability is guaranteed. The HyperCool² system is made from easily accessible, proven materials sourced from established, global suppliers, the caliber of 3M. With global data center infrastructure partners such as CEI, system integrator partners, such as UNIXPlus, and other global firms, ZutaCore is ready to scale and provide customers with a trusted pathway to adoption.